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How Small Business Leverage Social Media Platforms to Compete with Big Companies

How Small Business Leverage Social Media Platforms to Compete with Big Companies

How Small Business Leverage Social Media Platforms to Compete with Big Companies

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Social media can help you engage with your niche and learn how others are perceiving your company. It can also be used for advertising, promotional giveaways, and mobile applications.

Participating in a social network allows small businesses to establish their brand presence. This is achieved by creating a profile, engaging with customers, and posting content and campaigns.

All this in the hope that it will be widely shared among prospective customers, which can quickly and significantly increase brand awareness.

However, the following are some of the factors that any semi-medium-sized enterprise can take advantage of when it comes to channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc:

  • Lower Media Marketing Cost

Offering engaging content on social media can assist you in reaching and growing your following. Social media is free, and the cost of social advertising is much lower than that of traditional mediums.

  • Increase your lead generation with organic traffic

When you claim your social media pages, you improve your ranking in search engine results. This in turn lets potential customers find you.

  • Improve your customer service

Customers frequently contact small businesses via social media. You can provide improved service to your customers if you are engaged and responsive.

  • Create your brand’s message and voice

You can disseminate your brand’s message and voice through social media posts. Perhaps you’d like to share a positive customer testimonial or employee appreciation. Regardless of posting on social media regularly can help you raise brand awareness.

  • Engage with other small businesses

You’re probably aware that social media allows you to connect with customers, but did you know that it also allows you to connect with other businesses? Social media offers numerous opportunities to collaborate with other businesses and potential partners.

  • Improve your online reputation

Reputation management is critical in business, particularly online. Interacting with your customers on social media in a proactive manner increases engagement and your ability to receive positive feedback. The best part is that when you receive positive feedback through social media, it is visible to everyone!

  • A substantial population buys from Social Media nowadays

Worldwide, 41% said they had made or planned to make purchases through social media platforms. Men (35 percent) and millennials drove the majority of high-value transactions (72 percent ).

This is exactly where small businesses are taking advantage of social media and building an audience & improving their purchases.

Making Optimum Use of Facebook Pixel & LinkedIn Navigator

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by analyzing the actions people take on your website.

The pixel can be used to:

  • Make certain that your ads are seen by the appropriate people. Find new customers, as well as people who have visited a specific page or performed a desired action on your website.
  • Increase your sales. Set up automatic bidding to reach people who are more likely to take the desired action, such as making a purchase.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your advertisements. Learn the impact of your advertisements by tracking what happens when people see them.

Once you’ve configured the Facebook pixel, the pixel will record whenever someone acts on your website. Adding an item to their shopping basket or making a purchase are examples of actions. These actions, or events, are received by the pixel and can be viewed in Events Manager on your Facebook pixel page. You’ll be able to see the actions that your customers take from there. You’ll also have the option of retargeting those customers with future Facebook ads.

It is recommended that if you use the pixel to share events with Facebook, you also use the Conversions API. The Conversions API works in conjunction with your pixel to improve the performance and measurement of your Facebook ad campaigns.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

“Sales Navigator comes with a tremendous set of search capabilities, improved visibility into extended networks, and personalized algorithms to help you reach the right decision-maker,” according to LinkedIn. It enables sales teams to communicate with contacts and accounts through the LinkedIn platform.

In layman’s terms, Sales Navigator is a social selling platform by LinkedIn that offers a variety of features aimed at assisting you in finding the right prospects with whom you may build trusting relationships. Using the search and filter features in LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can reach the right type of prospects. Sales Navigator also provides actionable data and insights that can help you gain a better understanding of your leads and prospects. By offering personalized content, customizations, discounts, and offers, you can engage with your prospects on a much more personal level.


With a little forethought and regular management, social media can save you money, increase leads, customer service, brand awareness, and business-to-business marketing, and help you manage your online reputation. If you aren’t already using social media, get in touch with us at ‘www.dimensionviz.com’ to learn how you can improve your brand’s performance online and take the best out of the above-mentioned tools.