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The Art of Social Media Storytelling

The Art of Social Media Storytelling

The Art of Social Media Storytelling

“Once Upon a Time..”, Do you remember these lines from your story books, of, maybe IInd grade or so? Most people don’t know the power of a good story to get more engagement on social media. But we know how important it is to have a great storyline to help others understand. Also, feel what the writer on the other side of the story is feeling.

No doubt, “Storytelling” is absolutely an important ingredient of glue-ing your audience to your social media page.

In this piece, we will be discussing a few tips and tricks to nail the art of Storytelling that can help social media handles in standing out.

Storytelling: A Little More About It

Storytelling is the art of explaining sentiments in the most accurate form as it is intended to be. The most important factor here is to keep a grip on the listening ability of our audience.

This is achieved by trying to make people use their senses to feel, visualize and relate to the concept put in front of them.

We have multiple things happening over social media with storytelling occupying the center stage. With an amazing storytelling concept, we can always connect with the audience: something that matters the most!

How to nail Storytelling?

Storytelling is an art and to master any art it is very necessary to enjoy it when you are right in the middle of accomplishing something with that art.
Any phase of storytelling can be your favorite but the whole process should be cherished.

1. Know Your Audience

Knowing about your audience helps to arrange content as per their need. Imagine the audience desiring to feel comfortable in a footwear range even amidst fighting arthritis and your range speaks more about vibrant hues.

Wouldn’t that be a miss for those who are ready to invest any amount in the footwear range and looking for greater comfort and support? Thus knowing your audience and what they desire, mater the most.

2. Keep Genuine Feelings

Always remember your Why. If we remember the real cause then the idea of investing in customer-centered products will sound more genuine.

This will eventually help in building a storyline that every consumer could relate to. Everyone loves it, when they are made to feel safe and cared for.

3. Engage Well

What do you want your consumers to remember about your company? Is it that your company arranges for a product line with deep compassion and a rigorous thought process? Show the real deal in your storyline to help customers know that your company cares for them.

Making customers aware of the minute details and the bigger milestones of the company infuses a bond. Customers love to celebrate their brands’ biggest achievements.

Engaging customers differ for every platform. For Facebook, the use of both explanatory captions and pictures does the task. On Instagram, the whole task of storytelling is done just by using pictures that fit this call.

4. Enjoy the Process

Nothing like enjoying what you are doing! It helps you to give your best. Enjoy the process, be happy ignore the distractions and stay committed to your call of bringing creatively inspiring results.

With so much above to help you with Storytelling, we want to help you a little more below with a few things to be careful about during storytelling.

Avoid these to bring up exciting storyline development.

1. Let your Customers be the Main Character of your Story

Don’t make your Brand the central Character. The central theme should always be the customers. Knitting a storyline keeping customers in mind will help you in emerging your product as the Knight in Shining Armor!

2. Not seeking help!

When you find things getting difficult, or when you find yourself stuck in a creative block, always reach out for help. It is wise to not take a chance with your social media handles’ creativity.

3. Success is not the only thing

Be comfortable about the struggles of your hustle. Talking about your company’s struggles helps the audience to relate to a brand that has faced struggles more or less like them.

With increased sharing, we can accept a deeper bond between the company and its customers.

Wrapping up!

A good Digital marketing campaign desires good hands in creative aspects. No wonder, storytelling is a must these days be it for Facebook or a picturesque platform like Instagram!

Such Marketing Campaign work more than simply attracting Consumers. They are not only about fetching honest and reliable relationships but they go a little further turning them into faithful customers!

At Dimension VIZ, we are careful to merge unique and eye-catchy ideas with business practices to enhance monetary value.

Do you want to know more, about how we have been doing all that we just mentioned?