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What Matters More: Creativity or Consistency in Social Media Efforts

What Matters More: Creativity or Consistency in Social Media Efforts

What Matters More: Creativity or Consistency in Social Media Efforts

Social media is a place where everybody keeps posting. Now the idea of everyone posting things is not about just posting anything but the main idea is to be able to connect with the users.

This manner to connect with the users is the top priority thing with just one idea: we need to get better at things!

Thinking of getting better, here are a few things that business owners struggle with when it comes to social media:

  1. Post Type
  2. Posting Time
  3. Post frequency
  4. Post Style

Talking about business and social media, here are a few more insights on social media when being used for business ROI:

1. Getting Creative Is Necessary

Any business goes through comparison and competition. The real fact is, that the competition is even going to get stronger.

But, even in this competition and comparison, what remains loyal to you, is your genuine and authentic idea.

The whole game-changing plot happens when we bring out the uniqueness of our ideas. Because the idea to sell X can be with anything, the main game is how different and uniquely we do it!

Thus coming up with creativity in keeping your uniqueness to sell, is something that helps you leverage the benefits of your efforts on social media.

2. Doing Things Consistently Is Necessary

Consistency is another greater factor to rely upon if you’re willing to see the fruits of your efforts. A business’s growth graph tends to slow down due to many reasons.

And one factor contributing to the slowed-down business graph is inconsistency in our efforts.

Having an idea is necessary and it is amazing. But being consistent in those ideas and making sure the team keeps doing things and putting their efforts into initiatives, even if they are not getting any results is very important.

Consistency has always paid off well for many businesses.

Problems Businesses face when it comes to Social Media:

The various phases of a better Social media campaign revolve around the following few pointers:

  1. Research
  2. Plan
  3. Competitive Analysis
  4. Scheduling
  5. Action

Every business owner would have a vision and idea to make sure things fall on the right ground. But groundbreaking ideas need execution.

Most of the time, many good and well-to-do ideas die in the basket of waiting, due to less time or inappropriate methods to impact them well.

This is the point, where we need a Social Media Strategist or a Social Media Agency that can help your Business.

Social Media can help you elevate, enhance and expand your Brand. And we mustn’t do this in any normal format. Your brand needs a unique and appealing social media strategy.

Here are a few ways wherein Brands can rely on a Social Media Agency for help:

Crafting a unique strategy

Social Media strategies, as we mentioned above have to be unique. While Business owners are busy cracking unique strategies for their businesses, here they can rest.

The need is to simply rely on the experts wherein you think, they would do a greater job.

Make sure everything is ready on time.

Scheduling Things

Time is the currency!

And when we talk about Social Media, along with being creative, we need to make sure things are put up on the surface timely.

Time plays a crucial role and if it is missed due to other business meetings, relying on those, who are dedicated to this social media task, can bring greater help and continuity to the workflow!

Tracking and analyzing

Pulling out timely reports and knowing where the social media campaign is going, might include numbers and figures that can be confusing.

But putting information ahead in simple words, strategy is working or not working will be easily understood by everyone.

While Social Media Analysts do their job of pulling up reports, business owners can relax and simply tell the analysts, what needs to be worked upon!


Things work out when teams work out! Making everything as a Man Show tends to be difficult! Taking help is good when you don’t know, what to be done. Calling upon experienced professionals of Dimension VIZ can help you plan well and soar high!

They help you soar high by knowing your niche, having a clear idea of what to be done next, documenting your findings, and then bringing things into impact!