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How Brands Can Leverage New Meta Features

How Brands Can Leverage New Meta Features

How Brands Can Leverage New Meta Features

Social media handles have become a greater tool for business and connectivity alike.

With the greater possibility of things getting digitized and gaining momentum, the merging of social media handles and their capabilities into the business has a new outlook.

This outlook is BOLD, USEFUL, and CREATIVE in every aspect!

Facebook has taken a bigger leap in serving all of our desires in connectivity and now it comes with adding even more to one’s professional life!

Meta launched 6 New Features on Instagram and Facebook Reels.

Have a look!

1. Add your sticker

The “Add Yours” sticker is a way to spark some engagement, while either you become the initiator of the campaign or you become the one who keeps adding fuel to the campaign, started by another.

In this feature, you’ll now be able to post ‘Add Yours’ questions via Reels clips, while you’ll also be able to view all the various video responses to any prompt in each app.

2. Creator studio insights

Meta has also added another helpful feature to create reels from your device’s videos. This is surely helpful for those who have videos on their devices but often miss creating Instagram and Facebook reels.

3. Monetization tool ‘stars’

Eligible content creators now have a reward, all due to the ‘Stars’ creator donations opened up to Facebook Reels, which is now available for all eligible creators.

This is a critical monetization pathway for Reels creators and is a well-driven manner that involves the expansion of stars to reels back in June 2022 itself.

The basic idea is because short clips are not so well advanced in getting us the major monetizable traction, using the longer video form helps.

We can make things happen, on the monetization side of the need, while inserting pre and mid-roll ads.

This helps in making sure the add-on elements, are a key to keeping creators posting and fueling an ecosystem.

Thereby, making the chances for the monetization manner to keep growing and evolving. This feature of the star on reels is available for people who can maintain 1,000 followers over the last 60 days.

The new insight options for the Creator Studio include Reach, Minutes Viewed, and Average Watch Time. These insights are helpful to know, what is working and what is not working.

4. Remix in sequence

One of the helpful features is remixing reels, Meta is working on it to expand it to the Facebook Reels option as well.

Thus remixing your content with some already well-doing content is now made easy!

5. Cross-posting from Instagram to Facebook

A helpful feature wherein many business Instagram and Facebook accounts will find things flowing smoothly for them.

6. Auto-created Reels for Facebook

The Reels creation flow has a prompt named, ‘Create from Your Story Archive’, enabling you to convert your Stories into Reels clips. This is more about flipping your stories’ archived posts into reels.

It is another simple way for users and brands to create Stories content, utilizing the video assets that they already have to link to the trend.

New features bring exciting and creative Brand marketing possibilities:

  • Call out all the people using your product to show off a little, by using Add Yours sticker.
  • Create fun and advertising video of your product and let the influencers help you make your campaign successful by using the remix in sequence feature.
  • Make your task even easier using the feature, “Cross-posting from Instagram to Facebook”.
  • Make more money using the Star feature of Instagram.

All of these features are so helpful and any brand can leverage the benefits so easily.

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