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SEO Practices That Matter In 2023

SEO Practices That Matter In 2023

SEO Practices That Matter In 2023

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation since its inception has brought tremendous opportunity for businesses to push their brand and products online.

Brands: both well-known and budding ones have been trying to master the art of SEO.

The real trick is not about being the best in the market. But the more useful tip for all the brands these days is to make sure they are portraying who and what they are.

No wonder, the desire to master the ever-changing algorithm of marketing and bring it to uplifting one’s business is so true.

Everybody has a hang of the word: SEO. Little do we know about SEO, but we surely want to know how to rank the top charts of the online market!

If you are just a beginner, we bet, you already know about the term SEO, no wonder. But are you sure of what you should not bring in when it comes to SEO?

Here is a little sneak into some SEO myths:

1. High keyword density helps!

Calendars have changed and now the time is to change the mindset of stuffing keywords everywhere in the content.

We need to stop this practice, to be honest, it should be stopped on an asap note!

If we rely on facts and research, the real deal when it comes to google keyword stuffing is more about making the content liable to be categorized as made-up content.

2. The type of links does not matter

We surely do not want to partner with a company that is not doing good. While targeting gains in our business, we always want to partner with people who have the potential to bring gains.

Why not do the same when we think of links? It is very crucial to be mindful of which links we are allowing on our Brand’s site.

Every little thing matters when we are looking for results that matter! 

3. Link quantity matters more

Nobody cares about the number of links we have in our content if the links are of poor quality!

This is something we miss to be mindful of, at times.

With links that are not coming from a good site, we ultimately end up declining the pre-good position of our target webpage.

It is always good to be mindful of the fact: Quality always speaks louder than Quantity!

4. SEO needs just one-time attention

SEO is a recurrent activity. The strategies would keep changing as per the changing algorithms of Google.

There will always be a need to observe and plan for it, without a single miss.

SEO practices that deserve to be noticed and practiced in 2023

1. Utilise structured data

Structured Data is the information and knowledge about webpages that are tagged with machine-readable code. These are called RDFa, Microdata, JSON-LD, etc. By using such data we help the search engines understand what the web pages are all about by entering these structured data into our desired web pages.

This helps search engines index our web pages properly. Once search engines know what the webpage is exactly about then we have better chances to make sure it shows up in the search results every time any related query is typed in for similar services on the internet.

2. AI marketing is here to stay!

AI services are focussed upon to help humans to make more of online services.

Rest assured, the technology is not moving anywhere this year also. It is supposed to remain for a good number of years.

The only thing is the intensity of using AI in the field will keep changing and that is for the better ways alone.

3. Thy users hold the command!

Users are the ones who hold command of every activity happening over the internet. Users need help in shaping SEO strategies.

But how do we claim users to be the driving force of the whole marketing strategy? The best part is to look at the user’s intent and the user experience that is getting formed.

Users’ intent or the intention of looking for a product/service along with user experience or the overall feel of the users’ towards the brand is the actual driving force.

Considering them closely can help in devising some really useful SEO strategies.

4. Content will remain on the Throne!

Content will always remain on the throne. But it is wise to notice what kind of content can help you leverage the best out of the whole audience. In this case, keeping user intent and user experience in mind helps well.

SEO content is the one that helps you describe well the answers that an audience is looking for.

If your users need to know more about Bitcoin, then telling them exactly what they want to know will help the webpage to show well under Google rankings when it is done for webpages related to Bitcoins!

The very moment the users are satisfied with the content, search engines will automatically provide a high ranking to it.

5. Analytics is imperative!

SEO 2023 is going to be more inclined toward bringing data into working scenes. Whether it is about the collection of data, analysis, or deriving insights, we need to be sure of having all the data in our hands.

Using Google Analytics for SEO insights is going to be a big help! A few data sets that can be helpful to grab are:

  • Mobile traffic data to know bounce rates, engagement, and more.
  • Site search data filtration to know if there is any gap in the content provided that one needs to fill in.
  • Knowing the Top and least performing pages that need to be updated or emulated.

To sum up

SEO has many facets attached to it. On another note, the tactics and trends keep changing even more than we can imagine. To be able to cope with the trends, changing strategies, and scenarios, Brands need to come up with ever-evolving and quick-to-adapt SEO expertise.

Dimension VIZ’s SEO Team can be counted upon as the quick-to-adapt and pocket-friendly campaign designers. 

Whatever your budget, the Teammates are sure of bringing the best campaign to the table that suits your brand’s ever-evolving needs!