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Google Merchant Center Free Listings Now Have Auto-Tagging

Google Merchant Center Free Listings Now Have Auto-Tagging

Google Merchant Center Free Listings Now Have Auto-Tagging

For improved analytics and metrics, tagging adds URL parameters to your tracking URLs. Google Merchant Center now supports auto-tagging for free product listings. Also, free local product listings, according to the firm. By adding a result ID to your URLs, you should be able to follow your shopping efforts better using Google Search.

When someone clicks on your local product listing or free local listing. Google merchant center now auto-tags some additional information, such as the “result id” parameter that they clicked on.

What Exactly Is Auto-Tagging?

Auto-tagging is a Google Merchant Center tool that allows you to measure conversions from your free product listings. Free local product listings on your website separately from other conversion kinds across all browsers. It also allows you to separate your free listings and free local listings from total Google organic traffic via a third-party site analytics tool like Google Analytics.

How does it Work?

Auto-tagging adds a field called “result id” to the URL when a searcher clicks on your free product listing or free local product listing in Google Search. If someone visits www.example.com and clicks on your free listing, the final URL will be “www.example.com/?srsltid=123xyz”

The result id is generated when an impression is made. The same result id will be utilized if a user clicks the same free listing or free local listing twice. This information is then passed on to your analytics tools for further analysis, such as tracking conversions and purchases.

How To Activate It?

An admin can enable auto-tagging at the Merchant Center account level. This feature is not activated by default, according to Google.

Follow the steps below to turn it on:

  • Go to your Merchant Center account and log in.
  • Click the tools icon gear icon in your Merchant Center account, then “Conversion Settings” under “Settings.”
  • Toggle the Auto-tagging switch to the “ON” position.

How Does It Affect Digital Marketers?

All search marketers want better tracking and attribution, and auto-tagging in Merchant Center. Now it may help you track your free product listing and free local product listing within Google Merchant Center.

You can then utilize this information to see if you need to make any changes to your product inventory, marketing budgets, or strategy.


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